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Online DJ cOURSE

Beginner Series

7 recorded Sessions 

Hands-on in-Depth


using Traktor


What Will I Learn?


Traktor Features: Mixer/ Decks/ Browser

How to prepare your tracks with Hot cues


Performance Features: How to play with FX, EQs & Loops effectively and creatively


 How to Listen like a Musician: Understand beats, phrasing and timing in your music


 Creative Mixing techniques and impactful transitions suited to your Music genre

 How to mix in key for Harmonic Mixing


Understand the Ecstatic dance Arcs and the Art of

journey curation


 Dancefloor Psychology


Clear and effective Workflow: From Track mining to Performance

Artist initiation: discover your Unique Sound and translate it

into a powerful DJ experience

Acquire the fastest and most potent way to become
a Professional Traktor DJ

  • Save months of painful trial and error by learning the Core Skills, Creative hacks  and most importantly the common mistakes

Understand the Art of curating impeccable Ecstatic Dance Journeys
Awaken the Artist in you and Experience the wealth of your creativity
Get full assistance in creating your first DJ Set - READY to be performed
Open up to a world of opportunities and gain the Confidence to share your gift with the world
Become fully equipped to kick start your DJ Career

"Creativity is Intelligence having fun                                                         Albert Einstein


30 day Individual

check-in via text

with Hoda Fadel


We Are
the Testimony
                                           (People sharing their experiences)

Marco Shyam

Spiritual Mentorship, Meditation & Breath, Kriya yoga initiation.

Ember aka Spring Jaiah
A multifaceted artist from Australia who combines music, dance & ritual healing arts in service of the Earth




Fatima Rose

Biochemist, Food Scientist & Natural

Skincare Formulator

This course was so fun and eye-opening.

What's special about Hoda is her high perception regarding music and DJ'ing, She gives this art the respect and appreciation it deserves: "You are telling a story when you DJ - a beautiful self-expression that manifests in the high energies and interactions of the dancing crowd". This philosophy was the beginning and the foundation of this beautifully-sculpted course.

The sessions were very comprehensive, well-structured and abundant. There was a practical part after each session to allow for an appropriate integration of everything we learned, and by the end of the course, each one of us gained sufficient knowledge and had all the needed resources to embark on a journey of music mixing and DJ'ing.

Most importantly, the tracks played in the sessions for the purpose of demonstration were so beautiful and added a sprinkle of magic to the atmosphere!

I'm glad I followed my instinct and it lead me to this expressive, artistic self-discovery path.
I believe I have sown the seeds of music mixing and making that will grow true in me and manifest into fruitful outcomes.


Bruce Beeley

Musician - Dance Teacher

I have studied music since being born into a musical family and danced for 30 years with a passion. I must point out that you Hoda weave an intricate fabric of music no less complex than a symphony orchestra with the syncopated poly-rhythms all complimenting each other to inspire endless variations in articulation of dance movement!

Please teach as many DJs as possible this art which makes them a musician capable of inspiring trained dancers.

To often DJs settle for the endless drone of a thumping beat and think they are making music or inspiring poetic dance interpretation. You invite us to the outer limits of personal interpretation of all the songs within the layers


Karli Benson

 Music Mentor/Therapy/Kirtan

Ecstatic Dance DJ
doTERRA | Reiki - Yoga - SOMA Breathwork


I absolutely loved getting taught DJ’ing by the amazing Hoda Fadel.️ Her knowledge and teaching skills are second to none. She was so attentive to my needs and got back to me straight away with any questions I had regarding what she was teaching. I’m so happy I embarked on my DJ journey with Hoda...I could not be happier with the course and all I have learnt.

If you are not intoxicated by your Art you haven’t yet met yourself.

Looking back at how it all started with dancing feet and sweat, the devout music enthusiast in me has chased the good beat all around the world, paying close attention to the psychology

of the dance-floor and the human behavior in response to rhythms, to peaks and drops - to silence, using my dancing body-mind as a testimony.

I have loved music too fondly that I had to meet it from the other side - from within.
And in doing so, Passion morphed into a craft.

It occurs to me now that I have spent endless days and nights honing and obsessing over the haunting perfection of the Art - the Art of creating profound music journeys,

the ones that leave you raw, open and speechless.  

Bringing two tracks together, sometimes reconciling the impossible is an Art - and like any good Art you ultimately create for no reason and that reason is in itself freedom.

Hello there,

It’s my delight and honor to transfer the skills, the insights and the revelations

to YOU in the most accessible way, to activate your own path -

the path of the Artist-Creator.

Hoda Fadel

Hoda Fadel offers an “experience" - a sonically-induced heightened state that quickly became her signature. It’s an invitation into your deep uncharted inner spaces yet to be explored and a striking reminder of the exquisiteness of your human nature . Her intoxicating musical voyages are intentionally curated from start to finish with emotional intensity that seeps deep inside the heart and fluidity that tells a tale to reconcile your imagination with the impossible.

Hoda Fadel has acquired an exponential trust in the ecstatic dance and conscious festival communities. Currently residing on Bali island, she guides profound dance journeys and host festival-like events marking the Bali music scene with stories of beauty, Art and cathartic revelations like no other.

Make Beauty hearable

Consciousness has to have its play

 Photography by Tony Roseman


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