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Will You Ever Know

        What Music is


Behind her artist’'s mind lives a true devotee of the existential mystery who pulls the poetry out of every tune and reconciles the imagination with the impossible.

With her unusual outlook on electronic dance music, Hoda fadel has pushed the boundaries of the ecstatic dance to an unconfined musical narrative that defies easy categorisation. Her sets have quickly become a musical statement, tales that live on every dancefloor long after she’s finished playing..

With an unparalleled passion for the craft, she tutors hundreds of passionate artists alike around the world in the Art of DJ’ing.

Currently residing on Bali island, Hoda Fadel is working on her debut album while she continues to conjure up profound dance journeys marking the Bali music scene with stories of beauty, Art and cathartic revelations like no other.

 Photography by Tony Roseman

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