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Hoda  Fadel

With a career spanning since 2018, Hoda Fadel has swiftly risen to prominence as a highly sought-after artist with a headliner status, capturing the gaze of an international audience.
The Lebanon born, Bali rooted artist does not bring the expected to the mix per se; rather, she skillfully shatters the logic of familiarity where percussive textures and grinding baselines are twisted into awe-inspiring reverberant motions that leave you questioning whether you really ever danced before.

A true luminary within the conscious music event scenes, Hoda stands as a rare example of a groundbreaker, trendsetter artist who fearlessly revolutionized the music cultural landscape, defying conventions and paving a new standard of excellence. She has ushered in a new era of sound and left an indelible mark on the conscious global stage.

However, behind the extraordinary artistry lies a story of resilience and transformation. Hoda's childhood was rooted in a conventional religious background, where music was deemed illicit, a forbidden fruit she surreptitiously savored in stolen moments, huddled in the embrace of her little cherished walkman.
Music became a lifeline, a conduit to her true self, and an instrument of profound self voyage.

“Will you ever know what music is for?”

Beyond her prowess as a DJ, and with her keen understanding of composition, thematic clarity, and impactful grooves, Hoda has transmuted her experiences and introspection into a debut album "Cosmic Recollections".  Each track resonates with a profound purpose, as she crafts her signature sound “Music as a tool for finding oneself” further solidifying her artistic reputation as a groundbreaking artist with an unwavering commitment to sonic innovation.



A wild blend of genres, Techno, melodic, deep, hypnotic and a pop of acid. Afro, indie dance, edgy, bass, percussive

and much more

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Hoda Fadel

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